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Cabin Archive Photos

Here are some of the older photos from the Cabin project, and a description of the way this whole project got started. Most of the work represented here took place in the summer of 2008. This page contains many photos, so it could take a while to load - but I've archived them to allow the main Cabin Page to load a little faster.  That way the main page can show more of the current work.

(This Page May Load Slowly - Many Pictures!!)

That's right!  We are in the process of "re-constructing" an old Forest Service building that was given to us!


On a piece of land right across the street from Bonnie's office, old rustic Forest Service Buildings built by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) had been recently torn down to make room for Rogue Federal Credit Union's new building. 


Bonnie had contacted Rogue Federal Credit Union about a house and garage that were the only structures remaining on the land.



She was told that the house and garage had been donated to someone who was going to move it to a new site and give it to a family who had lost their home.  But about two days later, the contact at Rogue Federal called and told Bonnie that the garage was not going to be moved due to the expense, and was now available... did she want it?

It took about 2 seconds for her to swallow real hard and say "YES!".




So began the process of hiring the neighbors and a contractor to dismantle the old garage in a way that would allow us to re-use the old materials and re-build (along with some new materials) the structure into a small cabin, or "cottage", in our backyard.

The old siding from the exterior will be re-used, as will the ship-lap siding from the interior.  The rafters will be shortened and exposed on the interior of the cabin to lend a rustic feel to the ceiling, which will be rough sawn cedar.



(More description below - here's some more pictures...)

Garage from the Side

Garage Interior Siding - will be used on the Main Room Interior

Taking the Roof Off the Easy Way!

Prepping the Site where the Cabin will go.

Leveling the Foundation

Foundation Framed up and Ready for Insulation

Foundation Insulated, Wiring Installed and A/C Duct in Place.

Custom A/C Duct ( A Window A/C unit will keep it cool!)

Bonnie on the Finished Sub-floor

Piles of Wood... Flooring, Siding...

Materials Sorted and Ready to Use

Old Siding Left, New Materials Middle, Rafters on the Right

The Walls are Going Up!  Door on the Right will Lead to "Kitchen".

Laurel Nailing Walls Together

Walls are Up and Rafters are Going into Place!

Don't These Look Rustic?

Rafters Are All In Place!


As we continue to post pictures during the build, we will have a description of what it will be like - sort of a "visual imagination tour". Then you can go through the pictures and see the progress and the pictures will make more sense!

Entering the front door, which is flanked on both sides by double-hung eight pane windows, to your left will be a bank of windows taking up almost one entire wall, looking out on a white climbing rose on a trellis.


Outside Sheathing In Place

Insulation Time!

Vapor Barrier Going In

Looks Like A Cabin!  Next Steps... Wall Tie Beams, Loft Floor, Interior Ship-Lap Siding, Then a Roof!

Staining New 4X4 Beams to Match Rafters

Beams In... Not a Bad Match, for 70 Years Age Difference!


On the right end wall at the Back Corner, a small staircase (more like a ladder) will lead up to a little loft above the last six feet of the main room - just big enough for grandkid sleepovers. (see below)


Loft Floor Going In - Smooth Surface for Kids Footsies...

Rustic from Below for Grown-Up Asthetics!

Bonnie and I Planed and Sanded up to 3/4" Off Every Board. Will Sand Once More and Finish with a Natural Stain. The Left Upper Corner Shows Where Stairs Up to Loft Will Go.

Add-On "Kitchen" Will Seem Like the Porch was Enclosed - Bonnie Wants to Build All these Walls so She Can Get In On the Fun!

Zach Helping Install the Ship-Lap Siding on the Back Wall

Not Too Long Before Paint! See the Closet Taking Shape Mid-Picture - Stairs Will Be to the Left of That. (Steep!!)


A door in the rightmost wall right up toward the front, (above right) but still under the loft, will lead to a small "kitchen", (below left) which will have no water, but will have a set of cabinets and a countertop against the back wall. There will be a closet under the stairs, (again, above right) accessed from the kitchen side.

A little fold-down table will be under the window opposite that closet door. Next to the window is a door leading out to a lean-to covered area where there will be an outdoor sink with a hand-pump for the water.


Kitchen Add-On Framed and Ready for Siding

Gable End with Ship-Lap Siding and Loft Floor Ready for Stain

Brackets Bolt to the Rafters and will Support the Insulated Roof Framing that Rests on top of the Cedar Ceiling Boards

This Shows the Structure where the Insulated Panels Will Go - Rough Sawn Boards will Bolt to the Brackets and Extend Out as Rafter Tails to Give the Old, Rustic Look of the Original Building

This Picture Does Not Do the Real-Life Image Justice! The Rough Sawn, 70 Year Old Rafters Stand Out in Contrast to the Smooth Face of the Cedar Ceiling Boards.  (Planks on the floor are a temporary scaffold setup)

Wish We Could Show the Whole Completed Ceiling in Wide-Angle - This is the West End Looking Up at the Gable Through the Beams.  We May Leave the Gable End Walls As-Is, No Paint - They Have a Really Nice Character We May Not Want to Cover!

Looking Back Toward the Loft - We Added a Recessed Light So the Loft Wouldn't be So Cave-Like - It's Not Period Accurate, But Its a Safety Compromise - We Don't Want the Grandkids Hitting Their Heads on a Glass Lamp Shade, Do We?!

The Add On with Siding in Place and Roof Insulation Going In - You Can See the Closet Door Opening Through the Front Window


Look what We Found!  A Little Cleanup and Some Black Stove Polish and We Will Have A Real Treasure!  We plan on Using Ventless Gel-Fuel Mostly for the Ambiance, but it Will Produce Some Heat for the Chilly Months As Well.

Now Here's Bonnie's Creativity in Action!  This Antique Cast Iron Crib will become the Loft Rail to Keep the Grandkids Safe from Falls.

Finally Ready for The Roof Sheathing to Go On!  Time to Call on Our Kids for Some Strong Muscles and Backs!!


Roof Sheathing, Tar Paper On, and Wrapped for Rain

Front Porch Canopy Going Up - Corbels Mimic Style of the Original Forest Service Building

Beadboard Interior Siding will Cover the Add On Walls

Add On Ceiling Matches Cedar in the Main Room, but will be Painted. Wiring at Peak is Ready for a Single Pendant Fixture

The Front of the Canopy with a Small Tree Motif

Standing Seam Metal Roof Adds an Old Cabin Look with New Materials - Still Missing the Gutters!











Another Look at the Metal Roof - You Can See the Difference in the two Roof Pitches in this Shot

It is Such a Relief to Have the Roof on Before the Winter Rains Come - The Roofers Finished Two Days Before Thanksgiving



Basically, we want to create the look and feel that this cabin has been here for 60 - 70 years, and was built using the materials and tools they had back then.  We also want it to seem like the main portion of the cabin was built first, and the "kitchen" was added later, by enclosing the porch - which is something folks back then might have done to increase their interior floor space.

Quite a while ago, we lucked out at an auction and bought hundreds of board feet of rough sawn Douglas Fir, some of which is 16 feet long and up to 17 inches wide!  The 3/4" and 1" thick stuff will be used for flooring, stair treads, trim and window frames.  Some of the 2 inch and greater thickness boards we used for loft flooring and some was used in the construction of walls.

At the same auction, we got a couple of doors, a screen door, and several sets of cabinet doors that are old and worn.  These will be used in the kitchen to give it that "old" feel.

We located some decorative glass candle hangers that we will be using to make an "old" chandelier with period electric sockets and "Edison" style bulbs (clear with large looped filaments) that should add just the right touch to the main room. I have it built, but once it's hanging in the cabin we'll put a shot of it on the site.

We may seem crazy to do all this, using used materials and making it seem old, but we are keeping the historic nature of the Forest Service structure and adding our own touches to make it "ours".  It is designed to be a getaway place, a place for Bonnie to write, and a fun memory building experience for the grandkids - at least once a year, we will be holding "Camp Gra-ma-pa", a weekend sleepover camp with fun activities and crafts.  We are also thinking about making it available to friends for day retreats.

If nothing else it's a fun project for Bonnie and I to design and build together, using great old materials you just can't find anymore! 

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